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Need to Improve Your Bowling Skills? Here are Four Quick Tips to Bring Your Game to the Next Level

Bowling’s always been a fun, family-friendly activity that you can enjoy at any skill level. But if you’re looking to pursue the hobby more seriously, or even if you’re just a naturally competitive person, you might want to consider some ways to take your bowling game to the next level. Like any other sport, that old adage rings true: practice makes perfect. But if you want a bit more direction than that, we’ve compiled a short list of some things to focus on while you hone your skills.

Mind Your Grip

It may not come as a shock, but how you throw the ball matters a lot. Your grip on the ball should be firm, but not firm to the point where it interferes with your ability to let it sail down the lane. When it comes to candlepin bowling, the ball is often small enough for an adult hand to palm it entirely in their dominant hand. 

Keep Your Swing Relaxed and Balanced

We’ve all seen those viral bloopers of bowling throws gone awry. Throws that either go up into the ceiling or fly wildly backward toward the crowd. While entertaining from a distance, these instances present dangers to the alley and the rest of the party. They’re a result of tense, exaggerated swings. Too much muscle and the ball will fly wildly. Too little and it will barely move when you let it go. Get used to the weight of the ball and find the balance that works best for you.

Use the Arrows on the Lane for Spares

Anyone who’s played a round of bowling has been there. You nearly got a strike, but one pesky pin did not want to fall down. And now it’s much more difficult to nail that solitary pin. The answer lies in the unassuming arrows on the hardwood lane floor. Not just a design choice, these arrows can help you line up a shot on any spare pins left after your initial throw. 

Join a League

Everything’s better with friends: eating meals, watching movies, and participating in sports and hobbies. Getting a group of people together to go bowling in a league setting is a great way to elevate everyone’s skill. Teammates help each other grow and share pointers for improvement on individual weak points. Timber’s bringing back league nights in the coming weeks, stay tuned for additional details!

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